Career Guidance

At Harvest, we truly believe in taking education beyond classrooms.

The school gives much importance to helping their students choose the correct stream for their careers. This is done based on the student’s interests, academic strengths and with the use of Psychometric testing.

The Differential Aptitude Test (DAT) is used for students of Grade 10 and 12 to help students narrow down their options and choose a stream that they can study further. The DAT focuses on eight different sub-tests that measure the student’s aptitude in specific areas like mechanical reasoning, verbal reasoning, spatial ability. The DAT generates a report which then highlights the strengths of the student.

Students are also given the Interest Inventory which helps in identifying the areas of interest that students have and highlights the strengths of the child based on their interests.

A combination of these tests along with speaking to students and parents helps students in choosing the right stream for them.