Sarjapur-Attibele Road CBSE Campus

Nestled within a serene landscape spanning around 3 acres, Harvest International School Innovation Campus offers a refreshing escape from the urban jungle. Our campus, cradled by Mother Nature’s embrace, creates an enchanting environment for parents and students seeking an alternative to conventional classrooms. Pastoral care is the hallmark of our school where we aim at the holistic development of all Harvestians by nurturing them within a strong value system. We believe in preparing fresh minds for the contemporary world outside,, thus prioritizing the cultivation of a perfect personality

At Harvest, we foster an environment of fearless exploration and holistic growth. Our management and staff share a secular vision, dedicated to nurturing excellence in all aspects of our students’ lives. We are committed to providing the best for free-thinkers and independent-doers.

Our commitment to quality education shines through our adherence to the CBSE curriculum. We believe in making learning engaging and relatable by connecting concepts to real-life scenarios. The classroom experience comes alive through audio-visual presentations, theme-based projects, debates, and enriching field trips.

Every student at Harvest matters. With a commendable student-teacher ratio of 12:1, we ensure personalized attention and mentorship. Our close-knit team of mentors, class teachers, and attendants ensures that each student feels valued and supported.

Our school stands as a beacon of social responsibility, encouraging public involvement in societal issues. Our dedicated student Council and Committee members actively contribute to a better India and a brighter future.

Harvest offers a plethora of activities including self-defence training, karate belt exams, dance, vocal and instrumental music, skating, basketball, cricket, and more. Additional support sessions cater to students’ academic needs, while an in-house counselor provides timely guidance and support.

Join us at Harvest International School Innovation Campus, where education extends beyond classrooms and every student’s potential finds a nurturing home.