Sarjapur Road IB Campus

The IB provides a framework of education that offers students opportunities to become active, responsible members of the local, national and global communities. IB learners, characterized by their international perspective, encompass a wide spectrum of human capabilities and duties that extend beyond a focus solely on intellectual growth and academic knowledge. Exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives within the IB program contributes to the development of cultural competence, which is increasingly important in our interconnected world.

The spectra of growth of an IB Learner at Harvest

A child studying IB@ Harvest follows a journey of growth from “Within” to be a “Global Citizen”

As an individual – Significant personal growth and development of students as caring, compassionate, empathetic happy individuals.

As a holistic learner – Fostering growth of well rounded individuals who are not only academically excellent, but knowledgeable, reflective and international minded. The programs at Harvest instill a love of learning and commitment to lifelong education.

As a responsible member of the community – The IB education at Harvest encourages students to engage in community service and develop a sense of social responsibility. This fosters a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

As a conscientious member of the nation – The teaching extended beyond classrooms plays a crucial role in developing students as dutiful citizens by instilling social and ethical values, sense of social responsibility, and commitment to civic engagement. Students are often involved in projects that address local or global issues, such as sustainability initiatives, human rights campaigns, or social justice projects. These experiences encourage students to take an active role in shaping their communities and play their role as a dutiful national.

As a global Citizen – The programs are designed to promote the development of students as global citizens by fostering a deep understanding of global issues, cultural awareness, and a sense of social responsibility. There is often encouragement to interdisciplinary approaches, enabling students to see connections between different subjects and appreciate how global issues intersect and require holistic solutions.


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