IB - PYP Faculty

At Harvest, we truly believe in taking education beyond classrooms.

Ms Jayalakshmy Nambiar

PYP Coordinator and Lead

Having traveled the length and breadth of the country, she brings in rich teaching-learning experience of over one and half decades in various boards put together: CBSE, ICSE & IB.

She is a consistent learner and has attended several IB workshops – Category 1,2,3 to enhance her skills and competencies. She has always been instrumental in promoting mindfulness in the school community.

She has immense experience in mentoring learners in making a smooth transition from PYP to MYP in their culminating project “PYP EXHIBITION”. She has worked very closely with CBSE teachers and is up-to-date with the new dynamics in NPE. 

She has been appointed by CBSE Centre of Excellence- Chennai as a Resource Person for CBP in Mathematics (Grade X). She is compassionate, empathetic, resilient, and a strong believer of Kaizen who vouches that the process is more important than the product. 

She is certified by WIPRO as ‘Applying Thought Teacher. She is accredited by Harvard University for successfully completing the program- Creating Cultures of Thinking in Classrooms. 

She believes: “While knowledge helps us in keeping the momentum between dreams and reality, one should take a pause, reflect and bring the culture of growth mindset in order to weather ‘the weather’ within and around you as celebrating living is the essence of everyday happiness.”

She liaisons between the school and the IBO. Together with all the members of the Pedagogical Leadership and school‘s management team, she is  involved and responsible for the development, implementation, and organization of the PYP in the school

Ms Swarna Vedam

Early Years Teacher 

Ms. Swarna Vedam holds a BA degree with about 7 years of teaching experience and is pursuing B.Ed.  She has a Diploma in NTT and Montessori and has completed IB-PYP Cat-1 workshop. She has been with Harvest for more than four years and is currently a Grade 1 PYP educator. She is passionate about fostering the innovative, imaginative and creative side of the children and providing them with an enriching environment to explore.

Ms Monalika Jha

Early Years Teacher 

Ms. Monalika Jha is a PGDBA in International Trade. She has a rich experience of 8 yrs Pre-Primary in International Baccalaureate (both national and international). She has attended many categories of IB workshops. According to her, Educational goals should be developed for each student to address their unique talents and interests. Educators should strive to instill positive attitudes and perceptions about learning by building strong relationships with their students and challenging them to be active participants in the learning process.

Ms Sudha Ramachandran

Home Room Teacher 

Ms Sudha Ramachandran is a postgraduate in Computer Science and holds a diploma in Montessori curriculum. She has a bachelor’s degree in education and has been with Harvest for the past 6 years. She has attended the Category 1 IB workshop.

According to her, teaching the young minds brings tremendous joy and a sense of contentment. She believes in facilitating an environment where learning happens seamlessly and there is excitement in the learning process.

Ms Pavithra 

Home Room Teacher 

Ms. Pavithra. S.V has done her B.Sc. (Biotechnology) and MSc (Lifesciences). She has completed her certification course in Cambridge primary science and B.Ed. She took up teaching as a profession due to her passion for teaching and love for Kids. She passionately believes every child is unique. Her aim is to bring out the strength in each child and help them reach their goals. Classroom according to her is where Teaching and Learning are mutual between the teacher and children.

As a first step to qualify herself as an IB educator she has attended the Category 1 IB workshop.

Holds over four years of experience in teaching. Loves dancing, adventurous sports and travelling.

Ms Asha Abraham

Home Room Teacher 

Ms. Asha Abraham has been a part of Harvest International School for over a year.  Her career spans over 12 years as an educator which also includes her international exposure in the Instructional position in New York, USA ( 5 years) in addition to the tenures in the syllabi CBSE and ICSE. Ms. Asha Abraham has done her B.Sc (Chemistry), B. Ed. and M.Sc. (Information Technology). She has attended the training Category 1: Making PYP Happen by IB.
Her work ethic, passion, communication skill, and motivated attitude will benefit the students she encounters. She is appreciated for imparting differentiated instruction aiming for their holistic development. The dedication, positive attitude, consistent effort, and team spirit make her a valuable asset to the organization.

Ms Radhika Murleedharan

Early Years Teacher 

Ms. Radhika has more than ten years of teaching experience. She holds a degree in English along with B.ED. She is a certified Montessori educator and has completed the IB-PYP(CAT 1) workshop. Radhika has been a part of Harvest for over five years and is currently an Early Years Educator. Working with children has been her passion and expertise. She inspires students by creating a fun and challenging learning environment. She loves the inquiry-based learning practiced in IB as it enables students to become resilient life-long learners who can thrive in an ever-changing world.

Ms Kanchan Sapre

ICT and Language Teacher

Ms Kanchan Sapre is a postgraduate in Master of Computer Application and has completed her Diploma in Teaching Practices. She has attended the category 1 workshop -Making the PYP happen: Implementing agency.

She is eager to work with young learners. She believes that children, teachers, and mentors play a vital role in a student’s life. And believes in igniting their imaginations and help learners acquire 21 st century skills and become lifelong learners.

Ms Areefa

Language Teacher

Ms Areefa believes that every child is unique. She is a positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. She loves her profession and gets a great sense of achievement from seeing her students develop and grow as individuals.  
She has 5 years of experience in teaching and she is with Harvest family since 2018. She has done her masters in business administration. She has also completed certification of IB – Making PYP happen implementing agency – Category – 1.

Ms Shruti Nedungadi


Ms Shruti Nedungadi has completed her M.Sc. in Clinical Psychology and is a Psychologist by profession. She has been working as the School Counsellor for Harvest International School for the last two years. Her main responsibilities include working with Children with Special Needs, and taking care of both academic and behavioral concerns that may arise with the students. She also conducts training programs for teachers and have conducted CBSE Training Workshops as well. 
She is also the Counsellor for the IB PYP Program at Harvest International School and take regular sessions for the students on topics related to mental health and look into any academic or behavioral concerns that may arise. She has an IB Certification as well. She has completed the Category 1 Implementing Agency Workshop Primary Years Program in 2020. 

Ms Maria Kurian 

Art Facilitator 

Ms. Maria Kurian is a dedicated and dynamic art facilitator who turned to teaching after a long and successful career as a fashion designer. She strives to give her young learners an alternate lens to look through for all possible artistic view points on a given subject . She is committed to creating an engaging and enjoyable learning environment, rooted in regional traditions and nurturing a global perspective.

Maria Kurian has done her graduation in Economics & postgraduate Fashion Design & merchandising (NIFT). As the first step to qualify herself as an IB educator she has attended the Category 1 IB workshop she has been with Harvest for the past 2 years.

Ms Johnse Rani

Yoga Instructor

Ms.Johnse Rani is a certified Yoga instructor from the S-VYASA University, Bangalore. Her interest & ‘thirst for more knowledge’ propelled her to pursue her MSc in Yoga. Basically an electronics engineer by profession, she discovered her heart lay in yoga and hence decided to make this drastic shift. She has over five years of experience in delivering the art of yoga to her students’ mind and body. She has the skills to bring out the theory and practice of every single asana which she shares with her students. She is an IB-certified professional and has attended the Category 1 IB workshop. She has been with Harvest for the past 2 years

Ms Padmavathamma M


Ms Padma develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. She encourages students to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.
She is associated with Harvest International school since from 2012. She has completed DLIB, B.A, BLISc, MLISc and has 15 years of experience in ICSE and CBSE schools, trained from IIMB. She has also completed her certification in “Making the Primary Year Program happen: Implementing agency, category 1”.

Mr Santhosh Kumar

Dance Teacher

Mr Santhosh completed his B. Com from St. Joseph’s college, He is a professional dancer and instructor, he has a rich experience of 9 Years in teaching dance. He has mastered different dance forms including Hip Hop, Salsa, Contemporary. He had attended many dance workshops and invited as a judge for many dance competition and events. He also attended few IB- PYP workshops like making PYP happen.

He is deeply passionate towards his Dance. He is a fun-filled as well as committed in his work. He enjoys instructing kids in creative ways.