Harvest International School - Kodathi

We are truly one of the Best International Schools in Bangalore

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Harvest International School – Kodathi (Off Sarjapur road), is one of the top International schools in Bangalore. The school has a breathtaking sprawling campus, supported with modern infrastructure, amenities and dedicated faculty inspired by our school philosophy and its mission.

Why are we the best International schools in Bangalore?

Our school philosophy revolves around the following key missions.

  • We nurture today’s generation of smart children and encourage independent thinking rather than restricting their creativity to mere classroom syllabus.
  • We share parents’ responsibility for the all-round development of their child.
  • We encourage the children to explore, experiment, discover and learn on their own in a guided and mentored environment.
  • We instill confidence, civic sense, good habits, social, cultural values and become a better citizen. 

Our 21st-century school education is directed for teaching the students with a unique approach to reinvent themselves and always be adaptable in today’s fast-changing world. In our continuous endeavor, to make our mission a reality, we are providing a suitable platform which encourages the inquisitiveness of the students and also to exploring throughout to learn, assimilate and practice.

The core practice and spirit of “discovery “and the art of management by objective is ingrained subtly into all the children. Our educational philosophy and practice ensure that the student community should be able to look beyond a problem and think out-of-the-box to arrive at a solution.

best schools in bangalore | best international schools in bangalore

School Facilities and Infrastructure

Each of our classrooms is equipped with state of the art accessories that includes multimedia equipment and smart boards. Our school also provide modern labs for physics, chemistry, biology, computer and mathematics for practical sessions. We also have a well-stocked library which has a large collection of textbooks, reference books. A separate arts center is being built to encourage students in the areas of visual and performance arts 

The students have access to 2 of our soccer fields both for the junior and senior players along with a multipurpose court to conduct other games and sports. An indoor auditorium gives a finishing touch to the campus and is the center for extracurricular activities.

At Harvest, we maintain a balance between scholastic and non-scholastic areas which makes it the best international schools in Bangalore as well as the best CBSE School in Sarjapur road, Bangalore.

best schools in bangalore | best international schools in bangalore

Academics and Curriculum

Our approach encourages students to have the elements of curiosity and reasoning for every situation in life.

Our primary and middle school curriculums are designed to guide our students to develop an international outlook. They are inspired and trained to become a role model for others as natural leaders and manage wisely in any kind of adverse situations.

At the high school level, we offer the best practices of teaching and offer our student community a choice of national and international curricula. We offer CBSE curriculum as of now and intend to introduce IGCSE. 

We are also a IB PYP candidature school

We are intent to be one of the best CBSE schools near Sarjapur road and also one of the top international schools near Sarjapur road in terms of the standards, practices, and performance.
best schools in bangalore | best international schools in bangalore

Health, Sports and Games

“Health is Wealth” … the old saying holds good forever at the Harvest International School and we take a special note on the subject. Head physician of the school reviews the health of all the children at the commencement of a new academic session and extends the feedback to the parents with a recommended diet plan and their health progress is tracked throughout the year.
Periodical awareness programs are conducted on by our medical team on health, hygiene, healthy eating practices, and seasonal diseases. The medical team assisted by the nurses can extend the first aid in case of any emergency.

Special emphasis is laid on the physical development of the children. A host of indoor and outdoor sporting opportunities are available to all under the supervision of professional trainers from the field of soccer, cricket, athletics, badminton and martial arts. They are trained and encouraged to take part in various in-house and inter school tournaments.

best schools in bangalore | best international schools in bangalore

Counseling and Building Ongoing Relationship

At Harvest, we look at the micro details for the welfare of our student community. We have a qualified skilled counselor who works with the students, teachers, and parents to bring forth the best. We encourage the students to express themselves and get a resolution for all their difficulties. It’s a one to one working relationship between the student and the counselor on basis of which a solution is formulated by the counselor and shared with the class teacher and his parents so that the child can get all-around support from all quarters to overcome his or her situation.

best schools in bangalore | best international schools in bangalore

Giving everyone a sense of security

We take special care on the safety and security of all our students. We have 24X 7 professional security guards and CCTV cameras at all locations in the campus giving everyone a sense of security. The entire transport fleet is fitted with GPS navigation, CCTV cameras. Everything is continuously monitored from our security control room. We treat  every aspect of our students’ safety very important and this is one more reason why we consider us the best international schools in bangalore

Harvest International School – Kodathi: Building Tomorrows Citizens Today

Our education practices not only limited to academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities. We give equal importance on ethics and etiquettes, principles and discipline, values and culture for all-around the development of a child. We ingrain these qualities into every child right from the Montessori days to mold them into good human beings first and make them capable to take on the ever increasing complexity in the world.

We nurture the leaders of tomorrow through our unique, well-defined curriculum and a dedicated focus on education that is beyond the four walls of a classroom where education always comes as an aid in their thousand miles journey of the life.

We invite you to pay a visit to our school at Harvest – Kodathi and experience our new age education process and practices and see yourself why we are the best international schools in bangalore