School Managing Committee Information



An effective administration of a school is the most essential prerequisite for its success. A school is treated to be successful if it fulfills the needs of all its stakeholders namely – the students, staff, parents, society, government, and its service providers. For the proper functioning of the schools, the Government of our country has made it mandatory to run the schools through the support of the School Management Committee (SMC) placed below the Trust or the Society as the governing agency. Besides, the school management should also make use of certain standard and time-tested management principles and abide by the prevailing national and international norms in a subtle way synergizing with the scope of the School Management Committee for the success of the programmes within the school

Role of School Management Committee at Harvest

The Harvest School Management Committee shall perform the following functions, namely: –

  1. a) Monitoring the functioning of the school
  2. b) Preparing and recommend school development plan (SDP)
  3. c) Monitoring the utilization of the grants received from the appropriate source; and
  4. d) Performing other functions as may be prescribed from time to time.

Overall, the SMCs focus is on holistic development of the schools, which not only accounts to ensure good school infrastructure but also supervision/monitoring academic progress of the school.

Responsibilities of the SMC:

The SMC ensures that-

  1. Admissions are made without discretions.
  2. The welfare of teachers and other employees is taken care of.
  3. Appointments of teachers and other employees shall be made with the committee’s approval.
  4. The SMC shall also review the steps taken for the safety and security of the students and staff of the school
  5. The SMC shall also look into the grievances of the staff and deal with these appropriately.