Mathematics Department

At Harvest we truly believe that education does not end at the classroom doors, we take it beyond classrooms.

Mr P Asha kiran

High School Teacher

He is a Post graduate with B.ed in Mathematics with 12 years of teaching Experience in CBSE, ISC and IIT. He is a member of CBSE 10th and 12th board Paper evaluation team for the past 7 Years. He is passionate about teaching mathematics and helping the Higher grade students in Foundation of IIT as well as CBSE getting good command on Math.

Ms Preetha Nathan

Primary & Middle School Teacher

Ms Preetha is a flexible and organised educator with 18 years of teaching expertise.She has an unparallel ability to explain complicated mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner. She is a TGT Mathematics and has taught in reputed schools of UAE, Qatar and India. She effectively engage all students and foster a fun and fascinating learning environment. She has joined Harvest International School, Bengaluru in the year 2014.

Ms Jisha George

Primary/Middle School Teacher

Ms Jisha began her career in education as a middle school math teacher. She has 7 years of teaching experience having taught in ICSE and Cambridge International Primary Program (TISB) curriculum. A B.Sc. graduate in Computers, Math , Statistics from Bangalore University, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and an M.Sc. in Information Technology. For the past 4 years she has been teaching in Harvest International School. In addition to teaching Math and computer science, she is a calligrapher and an innovator. Her teaching philosophy is simple as she believes that the success of students lies in the generation of knowledge, critical thinking and curiosity.

Ms Noeline Philip

Primary/ Middle School Teacher 

Ms Noeline is a M.Sc Mathematics along with B.Ed . She has over 7 years of teaching experience in primary and secondary. She is a very passionate educator who brings to her class unique and creative ways of learning Math. She has a strong ability to inspire, motivate and engage eager minds by incorporating enjoyable activities and cooperative learning projects.

Ms Nimmy Prasoon

 Primary/Middle School Teacher 

Ms Nimmy is an enthusiastic learning professional who thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression. A post Graduate in Math with a B.Ed degree she has over 10 year’s of experience teaching across age levels. She also has a Certificate in Learning Disabilities from SPASTIC Society of Karnataka.