Science Department

At Harvest we truly believe that education does not end at the classroom doors, we take it beyond classrooms.

Ms Tharunnya.M.A

HOD Science, High School Teacher

Ms Tharunnya is a M.Sc, BEd in Physics with over 21 years of teaching experience, CBSE, IGCSE and As and A level Physics. She is a regular member of the CBSE 10th and 12th Board paper evaluation team for the past 15 years. Her passion has always been to make the dreaded subject of Physics, filled with wonder and delight. She take pride in the fact that all her students leave her class with a newfound love for Physics and with immense confidence that they would be able to face higher challenges in Physics.She is a National Merit Scholarship holder. At HIS she is the Senior Secondary Coordinator and HOD of Science and is responsible for training, mentoring and extending academic support for senior school. Liaison with the Heads of the Department, monitor curriculum delivery at different levels and conduct periodic academic auditing.

Ms Archana Prasad

High School Teacher 


Ms Archana is a postgraduate with B.Ed in Chemistry.She has 11 years of experience in teaching State board and CBSE. She has been a member of Grade 12th board evaluation.She has excellent knowledge of subject and have great practical knowledge.She has been working with Harvest international school for past 3 years.Her passion towards Chemistry subject has made her motivate students also in learning Chemistry by making it fun.

Ms Anila Bhargavi

High School Teacher

Ms Anila has 10 years of experience as Chemistry faculty (varying from 9th grade up-to Final year BSc) and has about 3 years in R&D and analyzing medicines in US based pharma company. She is passionate about teaching and using novel methods like teaching through hands on activities like board games, treasure hunt, hands on science experiments. She has got the Global Teacher Accreditation from British Science Council for using ICT in teaching Chemistry for middle school students. Her project on promoting 21st century skills and collaborative work that was done for The Great Global Project challenge was published in Scribd. She has been the Center & Deputy superintendent for the CBSE (AISSCE/AISSE) & JEE examinations.

Ms Roseline Rajitha 

High School Teacher

Ms Roseline has done her M.SC in Biotechnology, B.Ed (Bangalore university )& M.Ed. (Mysore university). She is working with Harvest International School from May 2019. Roseline teaches biology for grades 9-12. She has 13 years of experience in teaching both Biology and Biotechnology for students of Grade 12.She has been the Centre & Deputy superintendent for the CBSE (AISSCE/AISSE) & JEE examinations. Being a creative and resourceful person she engages her students through a variety of teaching techniques. With excellent communication and interactive skills she can stimulate in her children an interest to pursue higher education in a scientific field. With the right balance of enthusiasm and knowledge she fosters a positive learning environment in her classrooms.

Ms Neelam Ahlawat

Middle School Teacher 

Ms Neelam is MSc, B.Ed. in Science. She has around11years of teaching experience in CBSE, IGCSE and PU board at Senior Sec level (9th to 12th),FIIT-JEE students as well. She has an urge to gain Knowledge, believes in simplifying things out of passion and desire to contribute towards society. She has done a project selected at national level further selected for IRIS. She has received an Earthian award from Azim Premji. She has been working in Harvest since April,2018.

Ms Lavanya H

Primary & Middle School Teacher


Ms Lavanya is a passionate teacher with 7 years of experience into State,CBSE,ICSE board schools,Lavanya has done her M.Sc (Microbiology) and B.Ed from Bangalore University.She is a vivid reader,loves to teach involving kids in hands on activities.She has been working with harvest for past 2 years.

Ms Rajneesh Kaur

Primary School Teacher

Ms. Rajneesh has 8 years of teaching experience. She is a postgraduate in Biochemistry and B.Ed. She is warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Ms Soumya Saji

Primary School Teacher 

Ms Soumya is a post graduate from Mumbai University and B.Ed with over 6 years of experience. She has been working as a consultant in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research before joining Harvest in 2016. As science being her core area there is a constant innovation in her teaching. Her central school background and metropolitan life in India are all handy tools of her professional excellence. The support of her colleagues and guidance of her superiors are the chief attributes of her performance.